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Client Testimonials

Several years ago, I noticed 3 Ferraris at a shop on Highway 6; being a fan and in the market, I stopped and made enquiries about the cars. As it turned out, I met Mark Darragh and he and I had a longish chat about Ferraris.

A few months later, I asked Mark to perform a buyer’s inspection on a 348 Spider I was thinking of buying. The Inspection revealed some faults and I chose not to purchase the 348, but Mark suggested that he might be able to assist and within a week, I had my 1995 348 Spider; which my wife gave to me for my 65th! Mark performed the major belt service and has maintained the car ever since.

For my 66th, I again turned to Mark to assist me in locating a 575M 6-SPEED; which had eluded me for 6 months. He found the exact car in Houston and we now have Carolina and Beppe in our Family.

Mark and Sphere Motorsports have provided an excellent level of service, as well as good market intelligence and a willingness to help out a mate. I heartily recommend them.

Brian F.

I would like to thank Mark Darragh and his team for an excellent job they have done in figuring out and resolving a serious problem with an F1 transmission in my 360F1 Spider. Also, they have installed a new kevlar clutch and tuned the system so that switching gears is hardly noticeable. Whether there is a mechanical or electrical problem with my Ferrari Testarossa or 360F1 Spider, or the cars need a simple oil change - Mark's team does an excellent job. They get my highest recommendation for their attention to detail, high level of customer service and exceptional professionalism.

Juri G.

I purchased my Ferrari 360 F1 Spider in December of 2010, and I asked the local Ferrari club members and other sports car enthusiasts for their recommendation on where to have my new pride and joy carefully maintained. Almost unanimously they referred me to Mark at Sphere Motorsports. The level of personal attention and care around my vehicle makes me feel very comfortable that it is in the right hands.

Thank you Mark and your team for flawless service and for ensuring the utmost reliability while I enjoy all the wonders of my car.

Ged F.

Mark was referred to me by a former service manager of a well-known exotic car dealership in the area when I had a serious issue on my Murcielago. I have had the pleasure of getting to know Mark and his team very well since and really enjoy our relationship. He is honest, dependable, looks out for your wallet and knows literally everything there is to know when it comes to repairing and servicing exotic vehicles. His shop is also top-notch and conveniently located in the heart of the city. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for an independent mechanic or service shop in the greater Houston area.

Safeer H.